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We are unique in offering an experienced locum as a Clinical Lead for each locality. We get to know you with regular meetings, newsletters, social media discussions as well as social events. 


Meet our Clinical Leads:


Dr Andrew Noble

I trained in Leeds qualifying in 1996 and started in General practice in 2001. I have been a portfolio GP for most of my career having worked in Salaried and Partnership positions. In 2010 I founded The Yorkshire Medical Chambers which was the precursor to The Medical Chambers as I felt I needed more support as an independent freelance GP and in offering this to other freelancers I was able to form the cohesive network of support that I needed myself. I now work as a GP with an Extended role in Frailty which was the natural evolution for my interest in Older Peoples Health. My other interests include Medical Education, having worked previously as a director of clinical studies at the Hull York Medical School and outside of medicine I am a keen runner participating in the occasional triathlon. My portfolio now consists of special interest work, working towards an MSC in Dementia Studies and a chamber lead for York and East Riding.

Dr Hester Dunlop

I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and have been a local GP for thirty-five years. I have worked as a partner, salaried doctor and freelance, both full and part time, as my life demanded. Joining chambers, a decade ago, was transformative for me as I was feeling pretty jaded and struggling with anxiety and depression. The chance to spread my wings without needing to think about finding work or chasing invoices was liberating but the best aspect for me has been the chambers community and support. 

I became the Clinical Lead for West Yorkshire Chambers along with my colleague, Julie Stanton, and then became involved in the business itself. Each step has been incremental and at a pace that was right for me, allowing me to continue being a mum and to explore my interests in politics, history, football, hiking, reading, and cooking. I’ve recently retired from clinical work, chambers allowing the perfect transition, but I enjoy the pastoral role in chambers and dealing with the operational side of the day to day.  

Dr Julie Stanton

I trained at Barts and stayed in London for 20 years, initially in training and then in partnership. I then relocated to Leeds in 2001 and was a partner and trainer at an inner-city practice before switching to locum work in 2012. Joining and then becoming a partner in Chambers made locum work sustainable and enjoyable as well as providing a forum for supporting and encouraging other GPs.

Dr Zoe Norris

I trained at the University of Nottingham and completed my GP training and junior doctor posts in Lincoln. After taking a salaried job and having my family I joined a partnership. Recruitment challenges, increasing workload and long-term underinvestment took its toll on the practice and after developing burnout, I resigned intending to leave medicine. 

Fortunately, a local colleague was working for The Medical Chambers and encouraged me to join. The ability to share learning and get support from likeminded colleagues meant I stayed working in the local area and a few years later was asked to become a partner in Chambers. I have a portfolio career that has flourished as a result of Chambers flexibility and support. I am also Medical Director for Humberside LMCs, I teach for NB Medical Education and I’m a GP appraiser. I continue Locum work through Chambers and runs the Hull group meetings.


They are supported by our fabulous Admin Team, who are always at the end of a phone or e-mail to support you:



As the Bookings and Finance Lead for The Medical Chambers, I'm the go-to for all invoicing and pension related questions – if I don’t know the answer, no one will! I've been the stalwart of the organisation in all its various guises, since 2011 and am the backbone of the company. Before The Medical Chambers, I worked in Accounts and I worked for a short time in both Australia and New Zealand before settling down to have my children. My proudest achievement is that I was recently awarded my 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.


I'm the Member Co-ordinator that keeps you all organised. My job is to get to know you and your preferences, and I love nothing more than going above and beyond for our members and practices. I joined The Medical Chambers in 2020, just before the pandemic hit, so I have had a real roller-coaster ride into the business. My background is in Learning and Development for a leading insurance company, and I’ve spent many years developing my fantastic customer service skills so I’m able to put you at the heart of everything we do.


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